Storage Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery

Version : 1.3.0 1.5.0 1.4.0 1.2.0
This pack is NetApp-generated .
											This pack consists of Nine workflows that enable you to perform Storage Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery related tasks.
	You can execute the workflows in the SVM DR pack in the following recommended sequence:
		1. Unified Manager DataCollector file manager
		2. Create and Initialize SVM DR Relationship.
		3. Activate the Destination Storage Virtual Machine.
		4. Failback to the Source Storage Virtual Machine.
		5. Initialize or Update Storage Virtual Machine SnapMirror Relationship.
		6. Configure Protocol Services for Storage Virtual Machine.
		7. Create Snapshot Table
		8. Cloning of SVM DR volume.
		9. Transition of Volume DR to SVM DR 
Whats changed
The following are the UI changes in the "Create and Initialize SVM DR Relationship" and " Failback to the Source SVM" workflows:
• When a volume is selected, it is in “protected” mode. When a volume is deselected, it is in “unprotected” mode.
• Naming changes: “Transition of SVM DR from 7-Mode to C-Mode “ is changed to "Transition of Volume DR to SVM DR"

WFA Version:
  • WFA Version:
  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: Yes
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Version History
Released on:2nd Nov,2020
Released on:24th May,2019
Released on:14th Feb,2019
Released on:15th Mar,2018
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