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											The SnapCenter Plug-in for MongoDB provides backup, restore, and clone of MongoDB databases that have been configured to use Data ONTAP storage. The Plug-in for MongoDB supports MongoDB 3.x version or later. 
SnapCenter Plug-in for MongoDB supports NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Storage Virtual Machines (SVM). 
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Whats changed
This is first release of the SnapCenter Plug-in for MongoDB.

1. MongoDB 3.0 or later. 
2. Operating system MongoDB supported Linux versions. 
3. Java (jdk) 1.8 or later. 
4. MongoDB Storage Engine WiredTiger.
5. Pymongo package 3.4 or later. 

Note: Please make sure the pip and pymongo versions are compatible if you use the specific pymongo downloaded package.  you can verify and find the right version of pymongo wheel file using print(pip.pep425tags.get_supported()) from pyton prompt .

Please use to install SnapCenter and the custom Plug-in by using the "SnapCenter Data Protection Guide for Custom Plug-ins".

SnapCenter supports windows, but In this SnapCenter Plug-in for MongoDB release, we support mongodb supported linux versions.
  • Snap Center Version: 3.0
  • Windows Compatibility: No, Linux Compatibility: Yes
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Released on:5th Apr,2021
Released on:27th Oct,2017
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