Remove a Clustered Data ONTAP Volume



This workflow will destroy a selected volume in the specified Storage Virtual Machine.  All dependent objects and associations that are required to destroy this volume are also removed.  This includes:

         Splitting all clones from the volume if present.

         Waiting for the clone-split operations to complete

         Unmounting, offlining, and destroying the selected volume.

The workflow has an approval point and when executed will wait till an additional approval is provided before starting the execution of the workflow.

User Input parameters:



1) Cluster (required) The Clustered ONTAP storage system that contains the Storage Virtual Machine and the volume you would like to destroy

The drop-down list identifies both the name of the Cluster and its Primary IP Address



2) Storage Virtual Machine (required) The Storage Virtual Machine containing the volume you would like to destroy 

The drop-down list identifies all of the Data Storage Virtual Machines in the selected Cluster



3) Volume Name (required) The name of the volume to destroy.  

The drop-down list identifies the Name, Total Size, Used Size, Volume Guarantees, and number of clones for each volume in the selected Storage Virtual Machine




The workflow will result in destroying the selected volume.  Any clones using the selected volume as a parent will be split off prior to the volume being destroyed.


Error Handling

1)       An error message may be displayed if there is an issue with splitting any clones from the volume i.e. if there is not sufficient space in the aggregate to handle the splitting process.