Break SnapMirror workflow


The Break SnapMirror workflow breaks a protection relationship between a source and destination volume of a SnapMirror relationship, making the destination volume read/write, and the destination can diverge from the source volume. You might break a relationship to migrate data, for disaster recovery, or for application testing.


         The relationship must exist on the destination volume.

         You must be running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later.

About this workflow

The Break SnapMirror workflow breaks a SnapMirror relationship when the destination cluster, destination Storage Virtual Machine, and destination volume are specified. The destination volume is made a read/write volume, client redirection is turned off on the destination volume, the restart checkpoint is cleared, and clients can see the latest Snapshot copy.

You must specify the destination endpoint when using this workflow.

Subsequent manual or scheduled SnapMirror updates to the broken relationship will fail until the SnapMirror relationship is reestablished with a SnapMirror resync.

This workflow applies only to SnapMirror relationships. This workflow does not apply to SnapVault relationships or to load-sharing mirrors.

WFA user actions

1.       Click Portal > Data Protection > Break SnapMirror to display the Executive Workflow dialog box for the Break SnapMirror workflow.

2.       Specify values for the appropriate inputs. The inputs are as follows:

         Destination Cluster (mandatory)

         Destination Storage Virtual Machine (mandatory)

         Destination Volume (mandatory)

3.       Click Execute.


User input descriptions

User Input


Destination Cluster


Cluster where the destination volume resides

Destination Storage Virtual Machine (Mandatory)

Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) where the destination volume resides

Destination Volume (Mandatory)

The destination volume for this break operation


Workflow description

When completing the Break SnapMirror workflow, WFA executes the following task:

1.       Break SnapMirror. WFA calls the Break SnapMirror command to start the operation to break a SnapMirror relationship between a source volume and a destination volume.


After the break operation completes, the relationship is broken-off and the destination volume is a read/write volume.


1.       The default Break SnapMirror workflow does not apply settings, such as CIFS shares, from the source to the destination. You can customize this workflow to complete the failover of the source to the destination.

2.       The break operation might not finish immediately if a transfer is in progress. You can customize the Break SnapMirror workflow by editing it to include the Quiesce SnapMirror and Abort SnapMirror commands to ensure that the break operation is completed immediately.