Add or expand capacity storage class to Infinite Volume


This workflow adds or expands a capacity storage class to an Infinite Volume Storage Virtual Machine. This capacity storage class is mainly defined by following characteristics:

1.       The data constituent are provisioned on aggregates with disk type as “SATA”.

2.       Data constituents are provisioned with a “volume” space guarantee.

3.       Data constituents have deduplication enabled with efficiency priority as 'background' and compression as 'inline'. Efficiency operations are scheduled to run from midnight - 6 AM.


Input Parameters:        


·        Cluster* [Mandatory]: The Clustered ONTAP storage system that hosts the Storage Virtual Machine where the capacity class of infinite volume is created or expanded. Note that the infinite volume feature is available from ONTAP 8.2.0 and above, so only those applicable clusters will be shortlisted and shown in the drop down list. This list would be a tabular resource selection showing Cluster Name, Primary Address, ONTAP version and available size in aggregate of disk type “SATA”.




·         Storage Virtual Machine with infinite volume*[Mandatory]: Storage Virtual Machine hosting the infinite volume where the new volume with multiple classes of storage. The drop-down will list the name of the Storage Virtual Machine associated with selected ONTAP cluster. This tabular list will have Storage Virtual Machine with amount of storage available for that specific Storage class. It also shows the amount of space in the current storage class.



·        Size to allocate (TB)* [Mandatory]: – The total size (TB) of the capacity class of storage that user wants to allocate to the infinite volume.



This workflow will add user specified capacity class of storage to an infinite volume in the specific Storage Virtual Machine.