Remove SnapMirror workflow


The Remove SnapMirror workflow deletes only a SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship for the specified destination volume. The volumes are not destroyed and Snapshot copies on the volumes are not removed.


         You must be running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later.

About this workflow

The Remove SnapMirror workflow stops data transfers that are in progress between a protection source and destination.

The workflow preserves the read-write or read-only attributes of the source and destination volumes of a SnapMirror relationship after the relationship is deleted. For example, a read-write volume that was the source of a SnapMirror relationship retains its read-write attributes, and a data protection volume or a load-sharing volume that was a destination of a SnapMirror relationship retains its read-only attributes.

This workflow requires that you enter the destination cluster, the destination Storage Virtual Machine, and the destination volume.

WFA user actions

1.       Click Portal > Data Protection > Remove SnapMirror to display the Executive Workflow dialog box for the Remove SnapMirror workflow.

2.       Specify values for the appropriate inputs. The inputs are as follows:

         Destination Cluster (mandatory)

         Destination Storage Virtual Machine (mandatory)

         Destination Volume (mandatory)

3.       Click Execute.



User input descriptions

User Input


Destination Cluster


Cluster where the destination volume resides

Destination Storage Virtual Machine (Mandatory)

Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) where the destination volume resides

Destination Volume (Mandatory)

The destination volume for this remove operation


Workflow description

When completing the Remove SnapMirror workflow, WFA executes the following tasks:

1.       Release SnapMirror. WFA calls the Release SnapMirror command to remove configuration information about the SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship from the source Storage Virtual Machine.

2.       Remove SnapMirror. WFA called the Remove SnapMirror Perl command to remove an existing SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship.


After the Remove SnapMirror workflow is completed, a SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship no longer exists between the source and the specified destination volume.


1.       You can use the WFA command editing function to clone the Remove SnapMirror workflow and then customize the clone by adding commands to destroy the destination volume and clean up the deleted relationship, releasing the space that was consumed by the destination volume.