Quota Management Workflows User Guide

For Use with OnCommand® Workflow Automation


Introduction to Quota Management
Quotas provide a way to restrict or track the disk space and number of files used by a user, group, or qtree. You can use quotas to limit resource usage, to provide notification when resource usage reaches specific levels, or to track resource usage.
Quotas can be of different type such as, user, group, or tree. Quota targets specify the user, group, or qtree for which the quota limits are applied.

This workflow when executed allows you to implement the set, resize, and delete quota features for the selected FlexVol or FlexGroup volumes. FlexGroup support is from ONTAP 9.5 onwards. Before executing these features, you can create a new qtree or select an existing qtree on CDOT according to user request. Quota reporting and qtree support for FlexGroups allows you to migrate your workflows to FlexGroups to attain performance and scalability advantages.

Why you should use the Quota Management pack
The Quota management workflow enables you to create tree and user quota types. When you provide the Username parameter, the workflow sets a user quota.
You can use the Quota Management workflow to create quota rules. However, you cannot create quota policies.
You can use this workflow to perform the following actions:

·         Create a new qtree, set and initialize quota

·         Set quotas for existing qtree or user and re-initialize

·         Resize quotas for existing qtree or user

·         Delete quotas

·         Set execution options


Prerequisites for executing the workflows

You must ensure that certain requirements are met before executing the Quota Management workflows. You must be a storage architect for executing this workflow.

·         You must have downloaded the Quota Management workflow pack from the Storage Automation Store.

·         Your system must be running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1. and above.

·         You must have installed WFA 3.0.

·         You must have added the OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2 or later as a data source in WFA.

·         You must add your cluster as a data source in your WFA with “Cluster Data ONTAP – Quota-8.3.X” Data Source type.

·         You must have re-set and acquired the scheme before execution.

·         Cluster data source must be acquired when manual acquisition is happened on OCUM.

·         You must have assigned quota policy to Vserver.


Workflow in the Quota Management Pack
The table below provides a detailed description of the quota management workflow. You must execute the workflow with the specified inputs in the table.


Note: For more information about the workflow description, see the description provided in the workflow in the WFA user interface.

Workflow name



WFA category


Input parameters required for execution


Quota Management

Set, resize, and delete quota for qtree or user



(i) Cluster name

(ii) Virtual machine

(iii) Name of the existing Volume

(iv) New Qtree.name

(v) Existing qtree name to set quota

(vi) Oplock Mode for new qtree

(vii) Security style for new qtree

(viii) Optional: Option to create new qtree

(ix) User name

(x) Quota limits values ( Disk Limit MB, File Limit, Soft Disk Limit, Soft File Limit and Threshold MB)

(xi) Set ,Resize, and Delete quota management options

(xii) Quota policy name

(xiii) Quota target

Executing the workflows

You can execute the Quota Management workflows by using WFA. You must have reviewed the prerequisites for executing the workflow. You should download the workflow pack from Storage Automation Store and import them from WFA for execution.


·         Log in to WFA by providing the necessary credentials.

·         Click Portal > Setup > Quota Management

·         Click Execute.

·         The Execute Workflow: ‘Quota Management’ dialog box is displayed.

·         Provide the required input parameters required for execution of the selected workflow.
Refer to the table in the Workflow in the Quota Management Pack section that specifies the input parameters required for each of the workflow.
Optional: Click Preview to validate your workflow before executing it.

·         Click Execute.

·         You can also schedule the workflow for execution at a later date and time by selecting the Choose Date and Time for Execution check box.



This workflow when executed allows you to implement the set, resize, and delete quota for the selected FlexVol or FlexGroup volumes.

Pack—A workflow pack is set of WFA workflow that is posted on the Storage Automation Store.
The NetApp storage management software that enables you to construct, customize, and use automated storage workflows for effective storage management.
Unified Manager
The NetApp storage management software that enables you to monitor your clustered Data ONTAP environment. Unified Manager is added as a data source in WFA.
Data source
A data source is a read-only data structure that serves as a connection to the data source object of specific data source type.