Modify SnapMirror workflow


The Modify SnapMirror workflow changes the current attributes in a SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship, including the maximum transfer rate, SnapMirror policy, and SnapMirror schedule, so that you can increase or decrease bandwidth used for transfers, or change when and how often updates occur depending on how frequently data is updated.


         You must be running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later.

About this workflow

The Modify SnapMirror workflow changes one or more parameters of a SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship. The SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship is identified by its destination cluster, Storage Virtual Machines, and volumes and these must be specified as the command input parameters.

Keep the following considerations in mind when using the Modify SnapMirror workflow:

         Changes made by the Modify SnapMirror workflow do not take effect until the next manual or scheduled update of the relationship.

         Changes do not affect updates that have started and have not yet finished.

         The Modify SnapMirror workflow is not supported on Infinite Volume constituents.

WFA user actions

1.       Click Portal > Data Protection > Modify SnapMirror to display the Executive Workflow dialog box for the Modify SnapMirror workflow.

2.       Specify values for the appropriate input parameters. The input parameters are as follows:

         Destination Cluster (mandatory)

         Destination Storage Virtual Machine (mandatory)

         Destination Volume (mandatory)

You must also specify at least one of the following:

         Max Transfer Rate

         SnapMirror Policy

         SnapMirror Schedule

3.       Click Execute.


User input descriptions

User Input


Destination Cluster


Cluster where the destination volume resides

Destination Storage Virtual Machine (Mandatory)

Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) where the destination volume resides

Destination Volume (Mandatory)

The destination volume for this modify operation

Max Transfer Rate


Maximum transfer rate, in kilobytes per second, at which data is transferred. The default (0) is unlimited, which permits the SnapMirror or SnapVault relationship to fully utilize the available network bandwidth.

SnapMirror Policy


Specifies the name of the SnapMirror policy that applies to the relationship.

SnapMirror Schedule


Name of the cron schedule assigned to the relationship. If NONE is specified, the schedule currently assigned to the relationship is cleared.



Workflow description

When completing the Modify SnapMirror workflow, WFA executes the following task:

1.       Modify SnapMirror. WFA calls the Modify SnapMirror command to start the operation to modify a SnapMirror relationship between a source volume and a destination volume.


After the modify operation completes, the specified settings are changed at the next manual or scheduled update.


No customizations.