Create an Adaptive QoS Policy Group



This workflow creates an Adaptive QoS policy group. As part of the workflow execution, the following tasks are performed:

1.       Create a new AQoS policy group based on the SVM  user confirmation


1.       You must be running WFA 4.1.

2.       You must have added the credentials of all the storage systems to be used.


User input parameters


To execute this workflow, provide the required information in the following fields:


         Storage Details

         AQoS Policy Group Details



Storage Details


1)       Cluster* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select the cluster that hosts the SVM of the new volume.


2)       Storage Virtual Machine* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select the SVM where the new AQoS policy group will be created. The drop-down list contains the names of the available vservers.

AQoS Policy Group Details

You can provide the details of the AQoS Policy Group to create a new AQoS policy group.

         Name of the AQoS Policy Group* [Mandatory]: Type the name of the AQoS policy group to be used.

         Expected IOPS Limit*: Type the minimum Expected IOPS per TB|GB allocated based on volume total size.

         Peak IOPS Limit*: Type the maximum possible IOPS per TB|GB allocated based on volume size or used size.

The maximum IOPS allocated can range from the Expected IOPS up to the Peak IOPS.

         Peak IOPS Allocation: From the drop-down menu, select the policy associated with Peak IOPS parameter of adaptive-policy-group.

The allocated-space and used-space policies are supported. The default value is used-space.

         Absolute Minimum IOPS: Type the absolute minimum IOPS value which is used as an override when the Expected IOPS is less than this value.



This workflow results in creating an Adaptive QoS Policy Group.