Create Composite Aggregate




To create a composite aggregate (also known as FabricPool) by attaching an existing all-SSD (solid-state disk) aggregate with an object-store configuration name.

The SSD storage becomes the performance tier, the object store bucket becomes the capacity tier, and the aggregate becomes the FabricPool.




1.       You must be running ONTAP 9.2.

2.       The aggregates must be created with SSDs.

3.       You must create the object store configuration name, which creates a mapping between your storage system and the cloud bucket.

4.       You must have added OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2 as a data source in Workflow Automation (WFA) and obtained the latest Unified Manager data.

User inputs



1.       Cluster* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select the cluster name.


Note: The drop-down menu also shows the primary IP address and version associated with each cluster name.



2.       Existing all-SSD Aggregate Name* [Mandatory]: You can select the existing all-SSD aggregate name. The selected aggregates will be added to the object store bucket to form a FabricPool.


Note: The drop-down menu also shows values for the Aggregate, Total Size (GB), Available Size (GB), Volume Count, and Node Name fields.



3.       Object Store Configuration Name* [Mandatory]: The object store configuration name will be attached with the selected aggregates to create a FabricPool.


Note: The drop-down menu also shows values for the Object Store Configuration, Container Name, and Provider Type fields.





A FabricPool is created by attaching an all-SSD aggregate with an object store configuration name.