Abort SnapMirror workflow


The Abort SnapMirror workflow stops data protection transfers that might have started and have not yet finished on the specified relationship.


         You must be running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later.

About this workflow

The Abort SnapMirror workflow stops a data transfer that is in progress between a protection source and destination.

You can also specify whether you want to clear the restart checkpoint. After the abort operation is completed successfully, the destination volume might contain a restart checkpoint. If a restart checkpoint exists, it is used by a subsequent transfer to restart and continue the aborted SnapMirror transfer. If Clear Checkpoint is selected, any existing restart checkpoint is cleared. By default, Clear Checkpoint is not selected, which means that subsequent SnapMirror transfers can restart and continue from an existing checkpoint.

This workflow requires that you enter the destination cluster, the destination Storage Virtual Machine, and the destination volume.

WFA user actions

1.       Click Portal > Data Protection > Abort SnapMirror to display the Executive Workflow dialog box for the Abort SnapMirror workflow.

2.       Specify values for the appropriate inputs. The inputs are as follows:

         Destination Cluster (mandatory)

         Destination Storage Virtual Machine (mandatory)

         Destination Volume (mandatory)

         Clear Checkpoint (optional)

3.       Click Execute.


User input descriptions

User Input


Destination Cluster


Cluster where the destination volume resides

Destination Storage Virtual Machine (Mandatory)

Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) where the destination volume resides

Destination Volume (Mandatory)

The destination volume for this abort operation

Clear Checkpoint

Whether a restart checkpoint is cleared or not


Workflow description

When completing the Abort SnapMirror workflow, WFA executes the following task:

1.       Abort SnapMirror. WFA calls the Abort SnapMirror command to start the operation to abort a transfer between a protection relationship source volume and a destination volume.


After the abort operation completes, data protection transfers are stopped.


1.       This workflow does not wait for the abort operation to finish; however, you can write a new command, Wait for Abort, and append it to a custom workflow so that the workflow finishes only after the transfer is successfully aborted.

2.       You can include the Abort SnapMirror command as part of the Break SnapMirror workflow by calling the following commands:

a.       Quiesce SnapMirror to ensure that a new transfer does not start

b.      Abort SnapMirror to abort a transfer that is in progress

c.       Wait for Abort to wait for the abort workflow to finish

d.      Break SnapMirror to break the relationship and make the destination read/write