Adding details for the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM)


To add the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) details to the data center group.


·         Running WFA 4.1 or later

·         Running ONTAP 9.1 or later

·         Storage system credentials added to WFA

·         SVM available with the management LIF

·         Either Fiber Channel (FC) or iSCSI logical interface available on the SVM

·         List of aggregates added to the SVM

·         SVM enabled for communication either with FC or iSCSI

User Inputs

1. In the Data Center Group area:

·         From the Data Center Group Name drop down, select an existing data center group name.

·         From the Rack Name drop down, select a rack name.

2. In the Storage Virtual Machine Details area:

·         From the Cluster Name drop-down, select an existing cluster name.

·         In the SVM field, enter the name of the SVM to add to the data center group.

·         In the SVM Management IP field, enter the management IP address of the SVM that you want to add to the data center group.

3. Select the Execute Now radio button.

4. Click Execute.


Storage Virtual Machine details are added to the data center group.