Adding a Cassandra DB host to an existing cluster


To provision storage for the given host and to make the storage available on the host.


You must have completed the following:

·         Cassandra DB Host added to the data center group

·         Storage controller details added to the data center group

·         Storage provisioned for Cassandra DB servers

User Inputs

1.       In the Data for Provisioning Area, please select the default values in the following drop down menus.

These are:

·         Size of each Cassandra node data partition (in GB) *

·         Size of each Cassandra node Commit log partition (in GB) *

·         Log directory

·         Data Directory

·         Select a Protocol.


·         You are only permitted to select the existing values in each of these fields.

2.       From the Cassandra DB Cluster Name drop down, select an existing cluster where the host will be added.

3.       From the Select the host to be added drop down, select a host.

3. Select the Execute Now radio button.

4. Click Execute.


The Cassandra DB host is added to an existing cluster.