Create service level and volume mapping file for WFA SLO to NSLM migration


This workflow creates a mapping file with list of volumes and associated Storage Service Levels as per the configuration using SLO pack.


·         You must have the minimum version of WFA SLO pack 1.4.3 and WFA 4.1 RC1.

·         This workflow works on Windows operating system.

User Inputs

To execute this workflow, provide a file path to create a .csv file with the following details:

·         Volume name

·         Cluster name

·         SVM name

·         Storage Service Level name


1.       The .csv file is automatically populated in the Mapping File Path field.

2.       You can type a different File Name or File Path to create a file using a different name in a different path.

3.       Select the option Execute Now. This option is selected by default.

4.       Click Execute button to execute the workflow.


The workflow results in creating a mapping file with list of volumes and associated storage service levels at the Mapping File Path.