Create a Volume and a CIFS Share



This workflow creates a volume and CIFS share.  This includes:

·         Creating a volume of the specified name and size in a suitable aggregate in the environment

·         Creating a CIFS Share for the newly provisioned volume

User Input parameters:

1) Volume Name (required)

The name of the volume you would like to provision.  The aggregate with the most available capacity and an overcommitment percentage under 300% will be selected out of all of the available aggregates in your environment.

2) Share Name (required)

The name of the CIFS share to be created. The CIFS share will have a comment configured as “Volume CIFS share”

3) Volume Size (GB) (required)

The usable size in GB for the CIFS share


The workflow will create the new volume and CIFS share with the specified names and usable size

Error Handling

1)       An error message is displayed if there is no storage controller or aggregate with enough capacity to fulfill the storage provisioning request.

2)       An error message will be displayed if CIFS is not configured and running on the selected storage system.