Create a Qtree CIFS Share in a Vfiler



This workflow will create a new CIFS Share on a selected Vfiler.  This includes:

·         Using an existing volume that is assigned to the selected vFiler, or creating a new volume in the Vfiler.

·         Creating a new qtree in the selected/provisioned volume

·         Creating a new CIFS share.


User Input parameters:

1) Array (required) – The 7-mode storage controller that hosts the Vfiler where the new CIFS share is to be created.  The Primary IP Address and Hostname of all the storage controllers in your environment are provided in a drop-down list.

2) vFiler (required) – The virtual filer where the new CIFS share is to be created.  The names of the available Vfilers for the selected storage controller are provide in a drop-down list, along with the IP Address, CIFS Domain Name, and information if CIFS is supported on the Vfiler

3) Volume Name (required).  The name of the volume in the Vfiler where the share will be created.  The name of all a volumes assigned to the selected Vfiler are provided in the drop-down list along with the volume Total Size, Used Size and Volume Guarantee settings.  If you would like to create a new volume, simply enter the new volume name to be created.

4) Share Name (required) – The name you would like to use for the CIFS share.  A new qtree with the same name will be created within the identified volume. The CIFS share will be configured with a comment as “'Storage path is ' + <volumeName> + '/' + <qtreeName> + ' on domain name ' + <Vfiler CIFS domain name>.

5) Share Size (GB) (required) – The size of the CIFS share in GB.  If a new volume is created, it will be created with this size and an addition of snapshot space taking into consideration 20% snapshot reserve.  In addition, the qtree created on the volume will be set with a tree quota of this size.



The workflow will create a new CIFS share on the specified Vfiler.  Either an existing Vfiler volume will be used or optionally created.  The a new qtree will be created to host the CIFS share

Error Handling

1)       An error message is displayed if there is not enough capacity to support the creation of the CIFS share.

2)       An error message is displayed if CIFS is not configured or running on the selected Vfiler.