Remove a Volume and its share and exports



This workflow will remove a selected volume and any associated CIFS shares and/or NFS exports, as well as any associated quotas and SnapMirror relationships. This workflow WILL destroy the selected volume.


User Input parameters:

1) Array IP (required)

The ONTAP 7-mode storage system where the volume you would like to remove exists.  The drop-down list provides all of the storage controllers visible to the WFA server, and you are provided both the Primary IP address and Hostname of the storage system

2) Volume Name (required)

This drop-down selection identifies all of the volumes in the selected storage controller.  The information provided here include the Volume Name, Total Size, Used Size, and Volume Guarantee settings.



The workflow will offline and destroy the selected 7-mode volume along with any associated CIFS Share, NFS Exports, quotas and SnapMirror relationships.


Error Handling

1)       An error message is displayed if there is an unforeseen issue that prevents the removal of the selected volume.