Create Volume on Array Filtered using its performance characteristics



This workflow will create a new 7-mode volume by selecting the best storage controller and aggregate based on capacity and performance metrics (average disk throughput).

This workflow will require a 7-mode Performance Advisor DataSource to be configured in the DataSources page in order to acquire the performance data.

Note: This is just a sample workflow to illustrate the combination of capacity and performance characteristics during resource selection for an aggregate where a volume will be provisioned.


User Input parameters:

1) Volume Name (required) This is the name of the volume you would like to create

2) Volume Size (GB) (Required) The size in GB you would like the volume to be. Valid values are between 0.02 and 5000 GB.

3) Avg. Disk Throughput (KB/s) (required) The disk throughput you require for this provisioning request. Valid values are between 0-1000 KB/s



The workflow will create the volume you request on the storage system and aggregate that satisfies your capacity and performance criteria.


Error Handling

1)       An error message is displayed if there is no storage controller or aggregate with enough capacity or a high enough average disk throughput to fulfill the storage provisioning request.