Provide storage contract


Using this workflow, the Tenant/Application Profiles/endpoint group (EPG) provides the storage contract. A storage contract establishes a connection between two EPGs. Examples of storage contract are naBasicCIFS, naBasicNFS, naDataProtect, naFASMgmt, and naISCSI.


1.       You must be running ONTAP 9.0 or later.

2.       You must have added the following Application Profile Interface Controller (APIC) user credentials in the Credentials window:

Input parameters




Same Type



IP address

User name

Domain administrator name


Domain administrator password

3.       You must have added the APIC credentials with Client ID and Client Secret in the Data Sources window.

User Inputs

To execute this workflow, provide the required information in the APIC Details field.

1.       APIC Details

You can select the details for the Tenant/Application Profiles/EPG.

         Controller* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select the APIC controller IP address.

         Tenant* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select a tenant. A tenant is a policy container that enables the domain-based admin access control.

         ApplicationProfile* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select the application profile created for the tenant you have selected. An application profile is a logical container used for grouping EPGs.

         EndPointGroup* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select an endpoint group. An EPG is a logical entity that contains a collection of endpoints.


         Contract* [Mandatory]: From the drop-down menu, select the contract.


The workflow results in the EPG providing a storage contract.