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Creating LUN Import Table workflow

The Creating LUN Import Table workflow enables you to create a LUN import table in the WFA database. You must execute this workflow before executing any of the automated foreign LUN import (FLI) workflows.

This workflow needs to be executed only once for addressing your FLI operations. The data in the LUN import table contains all the LUN import related information such as the cluster IP address, LUN import administrative status, LUN path details, and name of the foreign disks. This data is used for the execution of other FLI workflows. After you have executed all the required FLI workflows, you can use the Generating FLI Status Report workflow to generate a report (in CSV format) on the status of your FLI operations.

You can access the workflow from WFA by executing the following steps:

  1. Log in to WFA and access the workflow by clicking Portal > Data Migration > Creating LUN Import Table.
  2. In the Creating LUN Import Table dialog box, click Execute .