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											This installment of DPGLUE provides the necessary programs to upload to SnapCenter directly for Windows.  It contains programs to serve as a Linux plugin also with indirect upload steps. This version provide a means to protect particular data located on WIN/LIN hosts which have only local storage for files and applications by means of SnapCenter. The plug-in allows for local hosts to use ONTAP NFS/CIFS as NAS target to replicate their Direct Attached Storage (“DAS”) filesystems to. This provides with SnapCenter GUI-base restore of directories and files from the SnapCenter catalog because ONTAP FlexVolumes are snapshot’d at the completion of the DPGLUE backup. Also, new to this release, it allows for local hosts to use SolidFire VOL-iSCSI as LUN target to replicate their Direct Attached Storage (“DAS”) filesystems too; notable is its capability to snapshot a SolidFire volume, especially when that volume is a LUN serving as a DPGLUE backup target. Admins can combine DPGLUE with existing SnapCenter application/database plug-ins that use SolidFire Volumes. Remember the Administration interface of SnapCenter allows another snap tools to be used instead of the default snapshot tool that comes with SnapCenter. The default tool assumes ONTAP as the storage provider for the application; while using DPGLUE as the optional snapshot tool – applications/database plug-ins gain advantages of deploying on SolidFire. The flushing of DAS and iSCSI SF LUN filesystems data to disk is provided as well. RestfulAPI and Powershell are both options in this first step in expanding the power of SnapCenter to SolidFire / Element!
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  • Snap Center Version: 4.2
  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: Yes
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Released on:6th Feb,2022
Released on:8th Nov,2020
Released on:28th Apr,2020
Released on:2nd Jul,2019
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