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						This pack contains .rptdesign file to generate CIFS shares report. This design file is created in BIRT designer you can Import this file in OnCommand Unified Manager using the “Import Report feature”, you can see this report in the Reports Page under “Imported Reports” category. After you import this report, you can perform all other Reporting functionalities like Share, schedule & customize.
Whats changed
Pre-requisites steps updated

Before you Begin: 
1. You must download the “Script to update Design file” from Automation store!to!update!Design!file&reportVersion=1.0.0 
2. Unzip the and copy the to any Linux machine. 
3. Create a database user in Unified Manager with Report schema. 
4. You must update the .rptdesign file to point to your Unified Manager server with database user name and password.  
Steps to update the .rptdesign file: 
1. Download CIFS_Shares report and unzip the CIFS_Shares_1.0.1 zip file. 
2. Copy the CIFS_Shares_1.0.1.rptdesign file to the Linux machine. 
3. Run the (./ with full path to .rptdesign file and UM server IP/FQDN and database user as parameter."./ /root/CIFS_Shares_1.0.1.rptdesign file IP/FQDN databaseuser" 
4. Enter the database user password. 
5. CIFS_Shares_1.0.1.rptdesign file is saved with new parameters. 
6. Copy the CIFS_Shares_1.0.1 file to Windows machine from where Unified Manager UI is accessed. 
7. Now Import the CIFS_Shares_1.0.1 file into Unified Manager.
  • OCUM Version: 6.2 and above
  • Software Version Minimum: 8.2.1, Maximum: 8.3.1
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Released on:30th Mar,2016
Released on:22nd Mar,2016
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