NetApp Service Level Manager Puppet Integration Solution

Version : 1.0.0
This pack is Community-generated .
						Puppet is an open source product for configuration management and automation. The NetApp Service Level Manager (NSLM) device module is designed to add support for your storage management using Puppet and its Network Device functionality.

This Puppet module will add one provider for every NSLM object that supports PUT, POST and DELETE request through REST APIs. This module enables Puppet users to create new Manifest files for their storage management or change their existing Manifest files to automate storage management operations along with other IT management operations.

For further details, unzip the package and refer to the README file.
Whats changed


  • NSLM/API-S Version: NSLM 1.0RC3
  • Software Version Minimum: ONTAP9.2, Maximum: N/A
Version History
Released on:6th Dec,2017
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