Active IQ Unified Manager ServiceNow Integration

Version : 9.7
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						ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to automate many business processes in the cloud. ServiceNow includes areas such as IT (ITSM - IT Service Management and IT Business Management), HR, Finance, Security, and Customer Management in addition to allowing customers to create their own custom applications. One of ServiceNow’s greatest strengths is how quickly and easily you can extend its functionality. You can extend functionality through very simple configurations, workflows and, if desired, JavaScript, all of which can be applied to either client side functionality (at the browser) or backend functionality (business logic in the server side). ServiceNow replaces unstructured work patterns with intelligent workflows, allowing you to improve service levels, energize employees, and accelerate your enterprise to “Work at Light” speed.

This AIQUM ServiceNow integration solution is for customer reference to understand how to use AIQUM REST APIs to develop workflows in ServiceNow. Customers can extend this solution to create custom workflows for their requirement

For further details, unzip the package and refer to the README file.

Whats changed
It provides ServiceNow to AIQUM integration reference solution and support following workflows and functionalities:

1. Create Mapped LUN
2. Create NAS File Share (SMB share, NFS share, SMB and NFS share)
3. ServiceNow workflows to support onboarding of LDAP user groups and AIQUM server.
4. ServiceNow dashboard for reporting of provisioned AIQUM workloads.


  • AIQUM Version: 9.7
  • Software Version Minimum: 9.1, Maximum:
Version History
Version: 9.7
Released on:8th Sep,2020
NetApp Inc
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