NetApp Service Level Manager pack

This pack is NetApp-generated .
											This is a pack for management of NetApp Service Level Manager through REST APIs. It contains equivalent commands in WFA for most of the create/update/delete REST APIs for NetApp Service Level Manager objects. There are five sample provider workflows to handle some basic requirements.
Whats changed
• The OnCommand WorkFlow Automation NetApp Service Level Manager Pack 1.2.0 is compatible with NSLM 1.2, which includes the content for the new REST APIs 
• A new workflow by the name “Modify Performance Service Level and Storage Efficiency Policy of the LUN” is added 
• The workflow by the name “Move File Share to different Storage Service Level(SSL) or different Storage Pool” is removed

Known Issues  : 

Issue 1: WFA 4.2 is displaying an older NSLM pack content version after upgrading the pack from WFA NSLM Pack 1.1 to WFA NSLM Pack 1.2

Upgrade to WFA 5.0, or ignore the content version displayed on the pack view. Check the other views, such as the Command view or Dictionary view.

Issue 2: WFA is not deleting the removed WFA NSLM Pack 1.1 content after upgrading to WFA NSLM Pack 1.2

Recommendation :
Delete the WFA NSLM Pack 1.1 before importing WFA NSLM Pack 1.2. Alternatively, use the WFA NSLM pack content with version 1.2 to connect with NSLM 1.2.

• NetApp Service Level Manager: 1.2
  • WFA Version:
  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: Yes
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Version History
Released on:16th Jul,2019
Released on:10th Apr,2019
Released on:27th Feb,2019
Released on:31st Aug,2018
Released on:10th Aug,2018
Released on:8th Oct,2017
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