WFA pack for ACI

Version : 1.0.0
This pack is NetApp-generated .
											The APIC workflows pack enables you to quickly configure your APIC and cDOT systems.
	This pack contains the following workflows.
	  - Add Vlan tagged ifgrp to Tenant/ApplicationProfile/EPG 
	  - Remove Vlan tagged ifgrp from Tenant/ApplicationProfile/EPG
	  - Create storage contracts
	  - Remove storage contracts
	  - Provide storage contract
	  - Consume storage contract
	Defines the schema 'APIC' for APIC by defining dictionary entries reflecting the object types in APIC.
	Includes a APIC data source type that is SQL-based and enables you to obtain cached data from OnCommand Unified Manager 7.1.
	Provides a set of commands for cDOT and APIC that can be used to develop workflows for APIC and cDOT systems
Whats changed

1. System must be running Data ONTAP 9.0 and above
2. You must installed have OnCommand Unified Manager 7.1
  • WFA Version:
  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: No
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Released on:6th Apr,2017
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