Manage SnapMirror-SnapVault Cascade Relationship

Version : 1.0.0
This pack is NetApp-generated .
											This pack contains a workflow, Manage SnapMirror-SnapVault Cascade Relationship that enables you to manage the schedules and transfer updates of your existing SnapMirror-SnapVault cascade relationships.

The execution of this workflow involves the following steps:
	1. Generate a list of Snapshot copies at the SnapMirror destination that matches with SnapMirror labels at SnapVault destination.
	2. Transfer the Snapshot copies identified in the previous step from SnapMirror destination to SnapVault destination.
While transferring the Snapshot copies, you must check the keep and preserve fields of the SnapMirror label at SnapVault destination and then proceed with the transfer.

Note: This workflow is qualified to work with Data ONTAP version 8.2.x
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  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: No
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Released on:13th Mar,2015
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