NetApp API Services ONTAP pack

Version : 2.0.0 2.0.1 1.0.1 1.0.0
This pack is NetApp-generated .
											This pack helps in managing Clustered Data ONTAP through OnCommand API-Services REST APIs shipped with NetApp Service Level Manager. The pack includes commands, dictionary entries, and data source scripts for OnCommand API-S. This pack contains equivalent commands in WFA for each of the create (POST), update (PUT) and delete (DELETE) REST APIs for Clustered Data ONTAP objects in OnCommand API-Services. The pack includes a data source type definition that caches data for all objects supported by API-Services in WFA. The commands and data source scripts are implemented using Perl.
Whats changed
This pack supports REST API 2.0 version for device APIs. 

This Pack works with following NetApp Service Level Manager and OnCommand API Services versions.
1. NetApp Service Level Manager : 1.0 RC4 and Above
2. OnCommand API Services : 1.2 and above
  • WFA Version:
  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: Yes
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Version History
Released on:11th Jun,2021
Released on:1st Dec,2017
Released on:23rd Oct,2017
Released on:11th Apr,2017
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