Datasource Script for VMware vCenter 6.0

Version : 1.2.0
This pack is NetApp-generated .
											This pack contains datasource script to acquire VMware vCenter server data into WFA database for heterogeneous IT automation activity. Prerequisites for this Data Source: 1. WFA 3.1 2. PowerShell 3.0 on the WFA Server 3. vMWare PowerCLI 6.0 4. VMWare vCenter (version 6.0). To create a new Data Source, follow these steps: 1. Import the VMware vCenter Data Source into your WFA server. 2. Use Execution->Data Sources and click New, entering IP, port, user and password credentials for the VMware vCenter server and set the timeout value to 3600. 3. After determining the amount of time to complete data acquisition from the Data Source, reduce the Timeout based on the speed of the VMware vCenter data acquisition.
Whats changed
Provided support for vCenter 6.5

vCenter 6.0 pack.\r\n· You must have installed WFA 3.1P1 or later versions\r\n· You must have installed VMware vSphere® PowerCLI™ 6.0 or above\r\n· You must have installed VMware Center version 6.0 or above\r\n\r\nTo create a data source and acquire data in WFA by importing the VMware vCenter data source into your WFA server:\r\n1.Select Execution > Data Sources, and then click New.\r\n2.Provide a data source name.\r\n3.Select the data source type: VMware vCenter 6.0 - 6.0\r\n4.Enter the host name, port number, and user credentials for the VMware vCenter server and set the timeout value to 7200 seconds.\r\n\r\nDisclaimer: The VMware vCenter 6.0 data source type is validated with NetApp FAS storage systems for iSCSI, FCP, and NFS protocols with WFA server using VMware vSphere PowerCLI 6.0
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  • Windows Compatibility: Yes, Linux Compatibility: No
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Released on:24th Jul,2017
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