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Powershell - Import SolidFire QoS values as annotations to OnCommand Insight

Version : 1.1
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OCI Description
						Powershell script to import QoS settings for volumes of a SolidFire cluster as annotations to OnCommand Insight

The following annotations will be used for this purpose:
QoS IOPS ”“ Min
QoS IOPS ”“ Max
QoS IOPS ”“ Burst

.\Import-OCIQosFromSF.ps1 -OCIServer  -OCICredentials  -SFCluster  -SFCredentials  [-Insecure] [-Dryrun] [-Verbose]

Example (Upload Once / Testing):
  .\Import-OCIQosFromSF.ps1 -OCIServer oci.server.here -OCICredentials admin -SFCluster sf.cluster.here -SFCredentials admin

Example (Scheduled Task):
# preparation (as user running the task)
.\Set-PasswordInFile.ps1 -Path .\oci.pw -Password 
.\Set-PasswordInFile.ps1 -Path .\sf.pw -Password 
# re-occuring task
.\Import-OCIQosFromSF.ps1 -OCIServer oci.server.here -OCICredentials $(.\Get-CredentialInFile.ps1 -Path .\oci.pw -Username admin) -SFCluster   sf.cluster.here -SFCredentials $(.\Get-CredentialInFile.ps1 -Path .\sf.pw -Username admin)
OCI Type
Whats changed
* Fixed an issue when the script is run for the first time and annotations have not been created yet

* SolidFire Cluster has to be successfully acquired by OnCommand Insight
* System running the Powershell script having network access to both the OCI Server's and the SolidFire Cluster's REST API
* Powershell Module ”žOnCommand-Insight“ installed on the system running the Powershell script (Details available at https://github.com/ffeldhaus/OnCommand-Insight)

  • OCI Version: 7.2

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Version History
Released on:21 Apr,2017
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