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4.9 Virtual Machine Candidates for Retiring or Resizing

Version : 5.0 5.1
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OCI Description
						This report details Virtual Machine candidates that are flagged for re-tiering or resizing based on configured criteria.  If latency is greater than 50 milliseconds and CPU count is greater than 2, then a ”˜breach”™ flag is triggered.  Inventory summary is displayed at top.  Top 10 VMs by latency, least active by configuration and undersized hosts are shown in charts.  VM Host detail list is visible at the bottom of the page. 
OCI Type
Whats changed
Compatible with OnCommand Insight version 7.3.1

Requires licenses for OCI Discover, Perform and Plan. 
Annotations/definitions are necessary for Applications and Service Level/Tier. 

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  • OCI Version: 7.3.1

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Version History
Released on:23 Jul,2018
Released on:22 Jan,2018
Released on:16 Feb,2018
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